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Our focus is to promote and encourage the work and teachings of Islamic economics which helps to alleviate the suffering of ordinary people. We aim to build and promote a practical social welfare model within the principles of islam which fulfills the basic needs of individuals and wider society.


We seek, encourage and promote collaboration and engagement between and within individuals and communities from all backgrounds to promote dialogue. We wish to develop partnerships of understanding and cooperation so we can introduce and instigate new poverty alleviation projects for the betterment of humanity.


To organise teaching of modern, Islamic economics, banking, finance and related disciplines.

To conduct research, and to provide training programs & consultancy services.

To promote cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions through seminars, colloquia, conferences, staff and students exchange, scholarships, stipends and bursaries.

To highlight and define the relevance of Islam in changing modern times to the whole human life, thought and action.

To provide a sound intellectual and scholastic foundation for the ideological, moral, intellectual, social, economic and technological development of the Muslim Ummah within the framework of the values, ideals, principles and norms of Islam.

To foster cooperation and promote mutual understanding among the institutions working for the advancement of Islamic learning and knowledge in different parts of the world for the realization of common objectives.

To instigate, manage, coordinate and implement new community projects and programmes promoting the field of Islamic economics and microfinance.

Promoting reinterpretation of modern thought and research in the various fields and seeking practical Islamic approach on contemporary issues facing the Ummah; Devising ways and means to develop Islamic personality, building model Islamic behaviour and conduct, inculcating Islamic values; Making arrangements for proper dissemination of results of research, through publication and other media of communication;

About Us

UEC is a pioneering project in the Muslim community dedicated for the cause of Islamic Economics by developing and supporting social welfare projects within poor communities.

The ultimate objective is to ensure human welfare within the principles, goals and vision of an interest-free Islamic economic system in Muslim heritage communities.

It was established in August 1997 to support the work of the charity, Isaar Trust, and to ensure project work and activities remain within the ethos of the Islamic welfare system, and ensures provision of basic needs to the poor and needy.

Contact Us

We are available to be contacted at any appropriate time by completing the attached form or emailing us. One of our colleagues will be in contact.

Email: uec@isaartrust.org

Project Intro

UEC was established to promote and encourage individuals and the community to understand, appreciate and implement the teachings of ethical economics in accordance with the teachings with the principles of Islam.

We live in a society and a global village which is dominated largely by capitalism and an interest based socio-political and economic system which has imprisoned and exploited the majority of the people for the benefit of an alite few.

In order to free the people from the negative consequences of an interest based system we need an alternative world viewpoint and this is provided by the ethical principles of Islam within the Quran and Hadith. It is our objective to clarify and elucidate these teachings through knowledge dissemination, promotion and implementation. Please join us in this journey.

Membership & Volunteers

We encourage individuals, professionals and organisations to get involved both formally and informally, so we can develop and evolve this project and broader message for the benefit of the majority. For those who are serious in formalising their involvement we encourage them to become members. The membership of the society consists of Charter members, Fellows, Members, and Honorary members.

a) Charter Members: Charter Members of the Society are qualified, experienced individuals of good professional standing who hold any of the qualifications required of Members as given below and in addition have acquired by relevant experience in economics, law or allied fields.

b) Fellows: Fellows of the Society are those eligible otherwise for membership and have additionally attained 25 years of relevant experience. The Council may elect fellows out of such eligible members in good standing by simple majority.

c) Members: Members of the society are those who are engaged in activities in the field of economics, law or allied fields, and meet one or more of the following requirement. Hold a doctorate, masters or bachelorís degree from a recognized institution in the field and have at least three (3) years of practical experience.

d) Honorary Members: Persons with outstanding contributions to the application or promotion of economics and law can be admitted as Honorary Members. This Membership Grade can also be conferred on foreign nationals fulfilling the above mention criterion.

The decision of the governing body and management team on any matters is final.